Our app effortlessly connects your business to a wide range of health and wellness professionals, helping to improve the well-being of your workforce. 

Our corporate packages are designed for you to get the most our of our services, whilst enjoying benefits such service priority (so you never miss out), discounts and offers.


Improve workplace productivity

Significant evidence exists supporting the link between well-being at work and productivity – with well-being including physical and mental health (Personnel Today).  Improve employee focus and productivity with a health and well-being plan!


Reduce stress and increase mental well-being

Employees that are coping with manageable levels of stress are happier and more positive leading to better workplace cultures (Welcoa). Moreover, employees of companies with robust health and well-being programs feel more engaged and cared for by their employers (City Matters). 


Save on absenteeism and staff turnover

Physical and mental stress has been strongly linked to absenteeism (Consultancy.UK). Furthermore, staff turnover has been linked to overwork and under-appreciation (Business Matters). Show your employees that you're committed to supporting them with health and wellness services. 

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